In early 2008 almost three thousand surveys were distributed to parkers in fifteen downtown Chicago parking facilities. A total of 2580 usable surveys were returned and entered into a database.
This study essentially duplicated the study conducted in 2003 in which eleven parking garages were surveyed. All daily parkers, in contrast to monthly parkers, were asked to complete a simple six-question survey and were provided with a one-dollar or a two-dollar incentive.
In late May and early June 2003 several thousand surveys were distributed to parkers in eleven downtown Chicago parking facilities. Eight of the eleven parking facilities surveyed are in the Loop, one is west of the River (Union Station) and two are North of the River (IBM Plaza and Rush and Ohio Streets). The multistory parking facilities ranged in size from 500 to 1200 spaces. A total of 1380 usable surveys were returned.
A revealing review of several key issues or trends of interest to the PILMC Membership. Information provides thought provoking insight for consideration in future plans for the parking industry.