The Hidden Secrets of Chicago Parking

Tips for Parking in Chicago

Driving in Chicago traffic can cause visitors a headache alone, but finding parking downtown can be the ultimate nightmare. No matter the time of year or the weather, Chicago is known to be packed full with city goers and tourist’s non-stop leaving the challenge of finding parking nearly impossible.  Little do most know, Chicago has a few parking secrets that may help to ease the headache of heading downtown.

Surprisingly, Chicago has more parking locations than meet the eye. With over 450 parking locations including garages, Chicago has plenty of room to fit the needs of its bursting seams.

When you are in the debate of choosing between a parking meter and garage, it is important to weigh the price. Most parking meters only have a two-hour limit, leaving many tourists with a ticking time clock in the back of their mind. While parking garages may seem to be slightly more expensive, if they fit the time needs of your trip, it may prove to be a more cost effective option.

If you want to save a buck or two, stay away from the Loop as it is the epicenter of the highest parking rates in Chicago at $6 per hour. Prices in Chicago are already slightly higher than other places so parking a few blocks away and walking to your destination just may be worth it.

With the assistance of Chicago Parking Map, city goers have the ability to view prices of parking garages in the area they are headed or close by and make the most effectual decision for their stay.

One last tip to keep in mind once arriving downtown and you have found the parking spot suitable for you, look for the free trolley services that run throughout the city. Hop on a free ride around Illinois Street and Grand Avenue parking lots and tour the windy city!