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Millennium Park is a popular destination for visitors to Chicago, tourists, and residents. The park offers a layout of beautiful architecture and is home to a handful of events such as concerts and exhibitions. Millennium Park features entertaining attractions such as the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, Lurie Garden, Boeing Galleries, Crown Fountain, BP Bridge, and the Wrigley Square & Millennium Monument

Millennium Park Parking Garages

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Parking Garages Near Millennium Park

The Chicago Parking Map maintains a large selection of parking garages near Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois. Our Chicago parking garages offer daily and monthly parking options to residents or tourists that are looking to visit this popular attraction in Chicago. Visitors are able to use cash or credit cards to reserve a spot in a facility. The Millennium Park Garage offers a shuttle service for your convenience. Visitors at the Grant Park North and Grant Park South garages are able to walk to to the Millennium Park Garage to receive shuttle services.

Millennium Park Garage

This Chicago parking garage offers convenient, reliable, and safe parking at Millennium Park. This daily underground parking garage is under Millennium Park and features a total of 2,126 parking spaces. This garage boasts square footage of 1 million to accommodate guests that are visiting the park. This facility features an entry height of 6’8. The Millennium Park Garage offers a convenient and intuitive shuttle service to popular destinations in the city such as Soldier Field and Navy Pier. Since this parking garage is underground, visitors may have trouble accessing their smartphones. Please make accommodations prior to arriving to ensure a smooth and efficient entry. View the Millennium Park Garage in Chicago to start planning your trip.

Grant Park North Garage

If you are planning a trip to Millennium Park to visit the Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain, or the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, it’s important to find a parking garage that is convenient for you. The Grant Park North Garage offers parking for Millennium Park at competitive rates. This Chicago parking garage is a total of 830,000 square feet and is able to house 1,850 vehicles to ensure anyone is able to find space. In addition, shuttle services are offered a couple of minutes from this facility at the Millennium Park Garage to Soldier Field and Navy Pier. View the Grant Park North Garage to learn more about your parking options near Millennium Park.

Grant Park South Garage

Visitors at Millennium Park may also use the Grant Park South Garage to find safe parking. This Chicago parking garage is 520,800 square feet and includes 1,350 parking spaces to accommodate a large number of visitors. Learn more about the Grant Park South Garage in Chicago. Visitors are allowed to walk to the Millennium Park Garage to receive shuttle service to Navy Pier and Soldier Field.

Millennium Lakeside Garage

The Millennium Lakeside Garage provides parking near your favorite destinations at Millennium Park. This garage includes 3,850 parking spaces that are able to accommodate a large number of sedans, SUVs, and vans. Reliable shuttle services are provided to guests that are attending a Bears game at Soldier Field and Navy Pier. View the Millennium Lakeside Garage to prepare for your trip to the Windy City.

Various parking garages are available to utilize 24 hours a day to allow residents to visit Millennium Park at any time (Example: Michigan Plaza). Other parking garages are closed at certain times of the day. Please refer to the Millennium Park parking garage schedules prior to entry. Payment is required to enter or exit our daily and monthly parking garages. Visitors are not allowed to arrive and exit a facility more than one time. Self-park and valet parking is available to patrons that are visiting Millennium Park. Overnight parking is offered for family and friends that are planning a long weekend or trip to Chicago. Each garage includes a large number of parking spots and square footage to accommodate low and high traffic volumes. Each garage is designed for sedans, SUV’s, minivans, and other types of vehicles. The garages are not designed for oversized trucks. Please refer to the entry height capacity prior to entering a facility.

Millennial Park Architecture & Popular Locations

Parking Garages near Millennium Park in ChicagoPark near Millennium Park in Chicago

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Jay Pritzker Pavilion

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is a popular attraction at Millennium Park that hosts concerts and other types of events. This venue is 120 feet high and boasts noteworthy architecture such as brushed stainless steel ribbons and overhead steel lines. With 4,000 total seats and the Great Lawn, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is able to accommodate small to large shows and groups of people in Chicago. The pavilion boasts an innovative sound system that is designed to provide superior sound quality to visitors.

View the available parking garages and parking lots near Millennium Park in Chicago.

Cloud Gate & The Bean

The Cloud Gate is one of the most popular locations for family members, friends, and tourists to take selfies and socialize, This 110-ton structure resembles a giant bean and features a reflective finish that displays the famous skyline of Chicago in a wide degree of interesting perspectives. The Bean includes a 12-foot arch that makes it easy for residents and tourists to walk below the sculpture and observe the reflective surface. This piece of architecture in Millennium Park is 66-feet long and 33-feet high.

We offer affordable and convenient parking garages and parking lots by the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park of Chicago, Illinois. Contact a specialist at the Chicago Parking Map with questions about parking in Chicago.

Crown Fountain

The Crown Fountain in Millennium Park is a famous attraction to Chicagoans in the Spring and Summer season. This Chicago attraction includes two 50-foot towers that feature LED screens. Each tower boasts a screen and an outlet to give the illusion of water flowing from their mouths. The Crown Fountain attraction was inspired by the traditional use of gargoyles in fountains.

Are you looking to visit the Crown Fountain? The Chicago Parking Map offers a large catalog of parking garages and parking lots by Millennium Park. Prepare for your trip by researching parking options in Chicago.

Wrigley Square & Millennium Monument

The Wrigley Square in Millennium Park is the perfect destination for families and friends that are looking to enjoy nature. Visitors are able to have a picnic or socialize on the lawn and enjoy the beautiful Spring or Summer seasons in Chicago. Wrigley Square is home to the Millennium Monument (Peristyle), which is a copy of the original structure. The Millennium Monument is a beautiful piece of architecture that features 40 feet columns. The Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument is an excellent fun area to bring family or friends. View our available parking garages near Millennium Park to plan a trip to Wrigley Square.

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