The Perfect Spot – Chicago Parking Map

Taste of Chicago
It is no secret to residents and tourists that the month of July in Chicago calls for some of the biggest events throughout the summer. From festivals and games to balls and live entertainment, the city of Chicago will be lit up almost every weekend with magnificent events, making this summer one to remember. However, with great scale events, also comes the infamous Chicago traffic and parking battle to find a prime spot close to your destination.

As Dave Matthews band kicks off the holiday weekend and The Taste of Chicago not far behind, the question of where to park will quickly enter the front of your brain as you reach the city for a day or evening of excitement. Chicago Parking Map can help to alleviate the stress of finding a parking spot close to your destination and instead help you to focus on the important factors such as a fine place to dine!

Our website offers an interactive map feature located on the home page providing users with a quick reference guide to available parking spots in their desired area with the simple click of a button. Access our website on your smartphone as you travel to view open garages with a spot awaiting your arrival.

From stages and arenas to parks and fields, all capacities of Chicago are jam-packed this July with events and entertainment to satisfy all. Take the time to enjoy your summer nights and capture moments that matter, while leaving the menial detail of parking up to us. Chicago Parking Map will help guide you to the perfect parking spot, kicking off your journey into the city with an effortless start.