Information about Parking in Chicago

Winter Weather Parking

The winter weather storm of 2015 has hit Chicago leaving many parking lots and side streets covered in nearly 20 inches of snow. Although snowplows have been out around the clock, the streets cannot seem to stay clean.

As snowfall increases and parking spaces become limited, it is important to keep in mind the parking restrictions in Chicago during the winter. As mentioned on the City of Chicago website, a Winter Overnight Parking Ban is placed on 107 miles of vital streets from 3AM to 7AM from December 1 to April 1. Other areas may be affected only when two inches of snow are on the street.

The parking ban covers many main streets, including North Milwaukee Avenue, South State Street, West Madison Street and West Division Street.

Avoid the $150 towing fee, $60 parking ticket along with the challenge of digging your car out of the snow. Utilize the Chicago Parking Map mobile application before heading into the city this season and view open spaces in local parking garages in the Chicago land area.

Chicago Parking Map can assist you in finding a spot close to your destination and off the streets during this snowy season. Plus, with Chicago Parking Map there is no need to worry about the possibility of a hefty parking fee and frostbitten fingers from scraping off your windshield.

An open parking space on a side street may seem nice until your vehicle is covered in endless white flakes.

Chicago Parking Map Application Now Available

The Parking Industry Labor Management Committee (PILMC) is a company devoted to promoting the parking industry’s important contributions to the Chicago metropolitan area. Along with increasing the availability of parking in the Chicago land area, PILMC has now launched a Mobile Application for both iOS and Android.

Chicago Parking Map’s Mobile Application can be found in the app store and allows users insight into all parking garage information. Details on rates and locations are available through one simple touch.

Unlike other mobile parking applications, this application allows users the ability to reserve parking spots in select garage locations. Forget the days of driving aimlessly around the city to find a parking spot.

With the PILMC Mobile Application you can reserve a spot before your departure and rest assured that it will be yours when you arrive.

PILMC and Chicago Parking Map invite you to test out the latest and greatest technology on the market upon as it has finally debuted and experience firsthand how your parking experience in the windy city is transformed.

Holiday Hustle

As the holidays are quickly approaching and the city begins to fill with hustle and bustle, the challenge to find parking in a reasonable location is tougher than ever.

With new parking regulations enforced and the city on ticket patrol, and meter prices on the rise for the holiday season, finding a perfect and reasonably priced parking spot may seem impossible.

With Chicago Parking Map, city goers are able to view available parking spots in various garages around the city to ensure a secure spot for their trip downtown.

Forget fighting the wind, sleet and snow walking blocks to get to from your car and back after a day of sight seeing and shopping. Chicago Parking Map simplifies the travel experience with the simple click of a button.

Visit the Chicago Parking Map website, find the area you are wishing to travel to and view the available parking spots in your desired location. Take advantage of the extra information Chicago Parking Map provides including garage hours, number of spaces, payment options and garage phone numbers for additional assistance.

As you head down to the city this holiday season, forget spending endless amounts of time driving around searching for a meter spot and more time enjoying the local festivities by planning ahead with Chicago Parking Map.

May your holidays be filled with cheer, laughter and a stress free travel experience.

Chicago Parking Map iOS and Android Mobile App

Chicago Parking Map Parking Resources

The Parking Industry Labor Management Committee (PILMC) is a company devoted to promoting the parking industry’s important contributions to the Chicago metropolitan area. Along with increasing the availability of parking in the Chicago land area, PILMC is set to launch Mobile Application for both iOS and Android.

With a goal to improve the parking experience for city goers and tourists, PILMC has taken their state of the art technology to the next level with the development of a Mobile Application allowing individuals to reserve a parking spot before their arrival downtown.

Unlike similar parking applications, PILMC’s mobile application will allow individuals the opportunity to view parking garages throughout the Chicago land area and then reserve a parking spot in their desired location.

PILMC will be competing against other popular parking applications including ParkWhiz and Spothero to bring city goers an opportunity to ease the headache of finding parking in the city. Currently, PILMC is the committee for all the operators in the Chicago land area.

The application is currently in the production process for iOS and Android and will be launching within the next few months. PILMC and Chicago Parking Map invite you to test out the latest and greatest technology on the market upon debut and experience firsthand how your parking experience in the windy city is transformed.

The Hidden Secrets of Chicago Parking

Tips for Parking in Chicago

Driving in Chicago traffic can cause visitors a headache alone, but finding parking downtown can be the ultimate nightmare. No matter the time of year or the weather, Chicago is known to be packed full with city goers and tourist’s non-stop leaving the challenge of finding parking nearly impossible.  Little do most know, Chicago has a few parking secrets that may help to ease the headache of heading downtown.

Surprisingly, Chicago has more parking locations than meet the eye. With over 450 parking locations including garages, Chicago has plenty of room to fit the needs of its bursting seams.

When you are in the debate of choosing between a parking meter and garage, it is important to weigh the price. Most parking meters only have a two-hour limit, leaving many tourists with a ticking time clock in the back of their mind. While parking garages may seem to be slightly more expensive, if they fit the time needs of your trip, it may prove to be a more cost effective option.

If you want to save a buck or two, stay away from the Loop as it is the epicenter of the highest parking rates in Chicago at $6 per hour. Prices in Chicago are already slightly higher than other places so parking a few blocks away and walking to your destination just may be worth it.

With the assistance of Chicago Parking Map, city goers have the ability to view prices of parking garages in the area they are headed or close by and make the most effectual decision for their stay.

One last tip to keep in mind once arriving downtown and you have found the parking spot suitable for you, look for the free trolley services that run throughout the city. Hop on a free ride around Illinois Street and Grand Avenue parking lots and tour the windy city!

Welcome to Chicago Parking

The “Welcome to Chicago” orange parking tickets are becoming more alarming as the cost of parking tickets and violations are on the rise in the city. Although curbs, meters and designated three hour parking slots may seem to be ideal places to park, a simple lapse of judgment on time may lead you with a nice $50-$100 greeting ticket for visiting the city.

Lower your chances of having your vehicle dinged up or decorated with a bright orange ornament on your windshield by utilizing local parking garages. With garages all over the city, charging customers somewhat reasonable prices to park, the days of receiving unwanted and unexpected bills are over.

From the North Loop to the South Loop, Chicago’s two busiest airports and beyond, Chicago Parking garages are everywhere providing commuters, tourists and locals with safe and alternative parking options, taking them off of the streets.

Through the use of Chicago Parking Map, city goers are able to find covered parking locations nearest them with open spots for their stay. Next time you head to the city, forget the curb and unexpected price tag and check into a parking garage where you will be able to pay cash or credit upon your stay.

For more information on open locations nearest you, visit and make your city visit worry free.

The Perfect Spot - Chicago Parking Map

Taste of Chicago
It is no secret to residents and tourists that the month of July in Chicago calls for some of the biggest events throughout the summer. From festivals and games to balls and live entertainment, the city of Chicago will be lit up almost every weekend with magnificent events, making this summer one to remember. However, with great scale events, also comes the infamous Chicago traffic and parking battle to find a prime spot close to your destination.

As Dave Matthews band kicks off the holiday weekend and The Taste of Chicago not far behind, the question of where to park will quickly enter the front of your brain as you reach the city for a day or evening of excitement. Chicago Parking Map can help to alleviate the stress of finding a parking spot close to your destination and instead help you to focus on the important factors such as a fine place to dine!

Our website offers an interactive map feature located on the home page providing users with a quick reference guide to available parking spots in their desired area with the simple click of a button. Access our website on your smartphone as you travel to view open garages with a spot awaiting your arrival.

From stages and arenas to parks and fields, all capacities of Chicago are jam-packed this July with events and entertainment to satisfy all. Take the time to enjoy your summer nights and capture moments that matter, while leaving the menial detail of parking up to us. Chicago Parking Map will help guide you to the perfect parking spot, kicking off your journey into the city with an effortless start.