Welcome to Chicago Parking

The “Welcome to Chicago” orange parking tickets are becoming more alarming as the cost of parking tickets and violations are on the rise in the city. Although curbs, meters and designated three hour parking slots may seem to be ideal places to park, a simple lapse of judgment on time may lead you with a nice $50-$100 greeting ticket for visiting the city.

Lower your chances of having your vehicle dinged up or decorated with a bright orange ornament on your windshield by utilizing local parking garages. With garages all over the city, charging customers somewhat reasonable prices to park, the days of receiving unwanted and unexpected bills are over.

From the North Loop to the South Loop, Chicago’s two busiest airports and beyond, Chicago Parking garages are everywhere providing commuters, tourists and locals with safe and alternative parking options, taking them off of the streets.

Through the use of Chicago Parking Map, city goers are able to find covered parking locations nearest them with open spots for their stay. Next time you head to the city, forget the curb and unexpected price tag and check into a parking garage where you will be able to pay cash or credit upon your stay.

For more information on open locations nearest you, visit https://www.chicagoparkingmap.com and make your city visit worry free.